Chapter History

During the mid 1940's there was a realization of eleven KAPPA MEN who felt the need to establish Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. as a presence in Knoxville community. Through their dedication and perseverance, the Knoxville Alumni Chapter was chartered November 5, 1946. Below is a little information about the Charter Members of Knoxville Alumni;


Brandon Barton (Alpha Theta 1939)
●Degree from Tennessee State A&I College (Now Tennessee State University)    

James A. Bond
●Taught Psychology and English at Knoxville College
●Got his AB Degree from Knoxville College
●Got a Ped.D. Degree from Simmons University
●Got a Masters from University of Cincinnati
●Further studies at the University of Chicago

Major Calvin D. Cosby (Knoxville Alumni 1946)
●Black Postmaster in Knoxville Burlington Branch
●Degree from Knoxville College

Samuel C. Coleman Jr. (Alpha Theta 1939)
●Cousin to Haynes A. Ford Sr. Sam's mother and Haynes' grandmother were sisters.
●Degree from Tennessee State A&I College (Now Tennessee State University)

Haynes A. Ford (Alpha Theta 1936)
●1st Keeper of Records of Knoxville Alumni
●Avid Tennis Player Won doubles championships with sister-in-law Yolande Cornelia Watson Giovanni well known member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. at the Wilberforce Tennis Tournament twice.
●Uncle to Famed Poet Nikki Giovanni also well-known member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
●Degree from Tennessee State A&I College (Now Tennessee State University)

 Jack "The Jeweler" Leflore (Knoxville Alumni 1946)
●Served as South Central Province Polemarch
●Degree from Knoxville College

Irving A. McCollum (Pi 1940)
●Degree from Morehouse College          

Smith Rogers Jr. (Alpha Theta 1945)
●Degree from Tennessee State A&I College (Now Tennessee State University)    

John W. Ruffin (Alpha Phi 1936)
●1st Polemarch of Knoxville Alumni
●Degree from Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA

William Lofton "Loftus" Smith (Alpha Kappa 1931)
●Educator who taught Social Science at Swift Memorial Junior College in Rogersville, TN.
●While at Swift Memorial Junior College coached on the Football team.
●AB Degree from North Carolina School for Negroes (now North Carolina Central University)
●Graduate Studies at Atlanta University

Claude A. Walker "Gabby"  (Alpha Epsilon 1936)
●Degree from Johnson C. Smith College Charlotte, NC    

Past Chapter Polemarchs

John Ruffin 1946 - 1947
Jack O. Leflore 1947 - 1950
Alton F. Flagg 1950 - 1951
William L. Smith 1951 - 1952
Jack O. Leflore 1952 - 1953
Major Calvin Cosby 1953 - 1955
*Reverend Frank Gordon 1955 - 1959
**Edward Delifus 1959 - 1959
Major Calvin Cosby 1960 - 1961
***Emory L. Carter 1961 - 1961
Jack O. Leflore 1962 - 1966
Robert Leflore 1966 - 1970
Dr. Robert Beale 1970 - 1971
Earl Barnett 1971 - 1973
Douglas Upton 1973 - 1977
Ernest McDuffy 1977 - 1979
Edward McSwine 1979 - 1980
Douglas Upton 1980 - 1981
Thomas Clark 1981 - 1982
Johnny Curry 1982 - 1986
Kenneth Brown 1986 - 1989
****John Russell Jr. 1989 - 1991
Ralph Mack 1991 - 1993
Wayne Carlton 1993- 1995
Douglas Upton 1995- 1997
John Mayo Jr. 1997 - 1999
*****Dr. Mark Rigsby 1999 - 2001
Wayne Carlton 2001 - 2002
Major Robert Bright 2002 - 2006
******Dr. Terry Esper 2006 - 2010
*******Wayne Carlton 2010 - 2016
Raeburn Josey, Esq 2016 - 2018
Mack Thomas 2018 - Present

*Father-in-law to Grand Polemarch Samuel Hamilton
**Left the city in the middle of serving his office. Polemarch office vacate till next elections held in 1960.
***Did not serve past Dec 1961. Left due to domestic obligations. Also once served as South Central Province Keeper of Records and Exchequer.
****Past South Central Province Polemarch.
*****Guy Levis Grant Awardee.
******Past South Central Province Keeper of Exchequer
*******Knoxville Alumni's longest serving Polemarch

Chapter Lineage

Past Brothers Initiated into Knoxville Alumni Chapter

*Major Calvin D. Cosby, *Jack "The Jeweler" Leflore (Both Served as Chapter Polemarch)

*For some reason IHQ shows these Brothers Initiated into the Charter Chapter Beta Phi 1947 at Knoxville College it has been seen that these Brothers names are on the 1st initial Chapter Report for Knoxville Alumni in 1946. With this being a true fact with documentation these Brothers should have been Knoxville Alumni 1946 initiates instead of Beta Phi 1947 initiates. Also these Brothers had already graduated from Knoxville College in 1940. They had to come through the Knoxville Alumni in 1946 since they had already graduated from college. Lastly from the mouth of late Brother Robert Leflore Charter Member of Beta Phi 1947 brother of Jack Leflore he helped initiate him into the Fraternity 1947.

Grady L. Benn

*Alton F. Flagg (Served as Chapter Polemarch)

*For some reason IHQ shows this Brother Initiated into the Beta Phi Chapter 1949 at Knoxville College. This Brother had already graduated from college before he became a member of the Fraternity. He taught school at Shaw University in North Carolina before even coming to Knoxville to live. I have also had some conversation with the wife of Emory Louis Carter who was on the Beta Phi 1949 and she does not remember even seeing the Brother Flagg on campus during that time. It is very possible that this Brother should have been Knoxville Alumni 1949 instead of Beta Phi 1949.

Miller Kimbrough (Step-Brother of Charter Member Major Calvin D. Cosby) and James McGinnis

Melford Miller

Hubert J. Flanders

Ernest Fulton, Ronald Upton & Julian Jeffery

William Lusain

William Dirl and John Mayo Jr. (Served As Chapter Polemarch)

Nelson Glover and Lenwood Jackson

John Flemings

Roderick Ott

Jerry Smith Jr.

Kendrick Gibbs

Charles Jackson, Scott Jones, Orlando Mynatt and Carlos Younger

Spring 2001
Eric Lattimore

Victor Atkinson, Martiner Redding and Brinson Silver

Donte Coleman and Quinton Rayford

Brandon Harvey and Fred Watkins

Roger Brown and Marc Curry

Spring 2010
Albert Long-Hill

Fall 2010
Cedric James and Yarrick Kincaid

Spring 2013
Damien Pitts

Spring 2014
Jonathan Radford

Fall 2016
Charris Malone and Clarence Swearengen

Fall 2017
Taylor Bauldwin, Jamarcus Bradford and Derrick Yates

Summer 2018
Jeremiah Chandler, Christopher Cunningham, Christopher Frost, Alexander Green, Todd Kelly Sr. and Richard Young